Serene in 2016

Hey there! Been awhile.

A friend recently reminded me that I have this blog, which encouraged me to start writing again. When did we last speak? Looks like my last post covered my April 2015 trip to Israel. So we have 6 months of catching up to do! I’ll summarize:

New Jersey to Charlotte, NC. New job. Same friends. Some new friends. David in Israel. Yoga. Graduate School. Oh, and Crohn’s. Aaaand that brings us up to today. This autobiographical blogging thing is so easy!

Now that that’s over with: this weekend is a doozy. And by that I mean so many things are changing in my life: 1) I’m starting a yoga teacher training 2) My dad and I are going into business together 3) David is leaving for another eight months in Israel and 4) I am sending off my application to my dream doctoral program.

I start yoga teacher training in T-5 hours. Whoa. While I wouldn’t call myself a yogi (something inside of me cringes every time I hear that word, must work out why), I’m undertaking the yoga teacher training to deepen my own practice of yoga and to potentially teach yoga down the line. I love the idea of therapeutic “subtle yoga” for older folks or for interpretive yoga for the younger chillin’s. I think my neuroscience background will give me a unique framework for studying the practice and benefits of yoga, and I hope that I will get a lot out of this experience. I also hope they don’t make us chant in sanskrit. We’ll see how far I get with that.





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