Easy, Breezy

Our days here in Eilat have breezed by and tomorrow we’re headed to Haifa by bus. Here’s a “greatest hits” what we’ve been up to in easy, breezy Eilat this past week:

1. A Kick-Ass Airbnb

I had to mention this, because it’s just so much better than our first one.

2. Walking along the Promenade and checking out the mall.

Too tempting. Must. Not. Enter. Zara. Noooo….

3. Finding out where locals go to the beach.


Migdalor Beach, a twenty-five minute bus ride out of town. Seriously worth it though: it’s the only beach that has free lounge chairs and umbrellas, a chill bar right on the water, and an amazing coral reef system about ten feet from shore! Our awesome Airbnb came with two snorkel sets.

4. Vegan food. And real cous-cous.

A blog post wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t rave about what we’re eating! Just kidding (but not really). We found a vegan restaurant where we ate some delicious and definitely dairy-free food. Dave was really cool about me wanting to try it out. He even said his lentil burger tasted good! (awee).We also tried out Lalo’s Restaurant, which serves only Moroccan cous-cous, but does it so well no one seems to mind.


Lalo’s was so good that we went there twice: once for the chicken cous-cous and once for the meatball. Also, it might sound unlikely, but I swear the cabbage salad at Lalo’s was de-lic-ious. If anyone wants to help me market a fad diet based on eating raw cabbage… let me know.

5.Oh, yeah. I almost forgot to mention that we went SCUBA DIVING today. 



David was a natural! It took me a little longer to get used to breathing underwater (can you blame me for hyperventilating just a little at the beginning?) but by the end of the class portion we were both really comfortable. We brought the GoPro with us, but didn’t take too many photos cause we were too busy being amazed. The terrestrial landscape of Eilat is a largely monochromatic red clay. Underwater: Eilat is tropical. We saw venomous lionfish, sea urchins, parrotfish, frogfish, rainbow-colored flute-mouth fish, burrowing eels, and a bajillion other fish I can’t name.

We’re still working on uploading the videos from the GoPro, so hopefully I’ll get those up by tomorrow.




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