Rainy Day in Tel Aviv

Today was our last day in Tel Aviv. We’ve really enjoyed exploring the “secular capital” of Israel. It’s been a seriously wonderful week and a half here: exploring the many neighborhoods, sampling the food, walking along the ocean at least three times per day. We’ve experienced so much already and yet have only scratched the surface of what this amazing country has to offer. In light of that, tomorrow morning we board a bus for beautiful Eilat!

This morning we woke to the sound of pounding rain on the terrace outside. It was lousy weather by any standards, but the fact that it was Shabbat, meaning almost all businesses would be closed, induced a bit of claustrophobia. We decided to take our chances with the rain and set out in search of a brunch spot. We thought we might have to walk all the way to new Tel Aviv (about 2 miles) in the rain to find an open place, but we were willing to if it meant getting out of our tiny apartment!

Turns out we only had to walk about five blocks before we stumbled on a seriously lovely café called Albert. Initially, we only ducked in to avoid a downpour, but we were quickly charmed by the menu (written on postcards and displayed in the kind of accordion booklets grandmas use to carry around family photos) and decided to stay.

I’ve been trying to maintain my dairy-free diet, so I went with a vegan sandwich of tofu and veggies and vegan shake.


Verdict: sandwiches will always be better with meat (and cheese.. *single tear…*). However, the “exotic vegan shake” was amazing. So good that I took a picture of the ingredients listed on the menu so that I can someday try to recreate it.


The downpour continued for almost the entire morning, so Dave and I flipped through the Hebrew newspaper and did all of the sudokus we could find. We also tried a soy cappuccino, which was surprisingly great. Albert had a great soundtrack that included “It Don’t Mean a Thing if You Ain’t Got That Swing” and left us singing Minnie the Moocher for the rest of the day.


IMG_0106 IMG_0108

Until next time, Tel Aviv!



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