Have Phones, Will Travel

Yesterday it was a beautiful 85 degrees and sunny here in Tel Aviv. So, of course, David and I took a trip to the mall.

The mall was surprising great: all the fun of walking through the outdoor market without most of the sweaty people, shouting, and noise. The only American brands I recognized were American Apparel and McDonald’s, otherwise, the mall is full of adorable mom/pop stores. Pretty different from malls in the US.

We’ve been using one phone between the two of us for the past week, and the time had come to bite the bullet (and make a judgement call. get it? call..) and buy a second phone. I learned yesterday that Israel has strict regulations on the cell phone/cell service industry. All service providers (such as AT&T or Verizon, or, in our case Golan Telecom…) sell SIM cards independent of phones. This basically means that you pay for your phone outright, and then purchase any cell phone service package from any provider.

We bought David’s phone, which included a sketchy warranty from Dizi’s Phones’ stand in the middle of the mall. The salesman said, “If it breaks, you bring it to me and I’ll fix eet.” Then, we bought the Golan SIM cards that allow us to finally make calls to each other AND to the US! The plan is pretty sweet: both of us get unlimited texting, calls, and data, an Israeli phone number, and a US phone number that anyone in the US can call to reach us without incurring international calling fees. And it was only $25/month! This cell service provider system needs to catch on in the US…

We walked along King George Street and through the Carmel Shuk (market) a bit before hopping on a bus home.


Around six o’clock, David and I walked down to the port. This walk has become part of our daily routine. There are a lot of nice restaurants along the port and we’ve been scouting a place to have a nice dinner on our last night. At the port, we happened upon a design exhibition. A lot of the stuff was really cool, and we got to watch a 3D printer print a Lego piece!


I loved this idea for a bookcase that helps you save your page!


Watching the 3D printer do it’s thing.

IMG_0073Some classic Israeli designs… Yes, that is the Hamsa symbol giving the middle finger.

IMG_0077Looking down the coast at new Tel Aviv!

Today, we’re heading to the beach for most of the day!



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