Going Up

Some Big News, oh followers-o-this-blog, big news indeed. On Tuesday, March 31st (exactly three weeks from today) I will be hugging my parents goodbye, triple-checking my folder of important documents, and boarding a plane to a faraway place. Ladies and buns, this is not a drill. I’m moving to ISRAEL.

It’s been officially official for about two weeks now, but the reality of it is yet to *officially* sink in. David and I have been threshing out the details for awhile, but as of two days ago, we have a Real Plan, with dates, reservations, budgets and all the other bells and whistles. I want to do a whole post detailing our plans , so I won’t go too far into them now. In a nutshell, we will be traveling around the country for all of April. On April 27 (three days before my 23rd birthday!) we’re moving into a residential Hebrew language program called Ulpan Etzion on Kibbutz Tzuba.

Words cannot express my excitement in anticipation of this trip. I can’t begin to imagine all that this experience will bring, and I can’t know what lies on the other side of this experience. I can’t– except to reveal what I have already discovered. That making this trip, participating in aliyah, learning a new language and being made new by fresh experience– this is what I’ve always wanted.







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