Late Nites with Carole

I couldn’t fall asleep tonight so I’ve been up tinkering with my blog and making plans for our upcoming trip. I aim to blog regularly while we’re traveling around so that I can hone ma werdpress skillz and share some photos with the world. When I’m more well-rested, I’ll do a whole post on our travel plans, but for now, this is all that matters:

Carole King’s music reminds me of car trips with my mom to Philadelphia. Actually, this song reminds me specifically of the tranquil, tired return trips. My mom popping in the Tapestry CD and turning the sound down real low, Danielle sleeping under a blanket in the third seat, my brother’s face super close to his gameboy (on silent), me staring out the window, in and out of sleep. Each of us in our own worlds. There weren’t (and still aren’t) an abundance of truly tranquil moments in my family, but Tapestry put us all at ease, if temporarily.


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