Sartre and Le Pug

Happy Friday!

Boy, am I glad this week is over. So much good happened this week, but it’s all become just a little overwhelming, and I’ll be glad for some peaceful, uneventful days over the weekend.

What are your plans for the weekend?

David and I are going out tonight at for our 3 year anniversary! He’s taking me to a place in Bethesda called Mon Ami Gabi (that’s a French-ass name, Gabi!) and then we’re going to this smallish movie theater to watch the Oscar-nominated short films. Saturday night we’re planning on going to the Comedy Cellar, then Sunday afternoon my mom is coming into town to visit for a few days. We’re hoping to make it to Annapolis while she’s here because, despite having lived in Maryland for 8 months now, I’ve still never tried a Maryland crab. It’s especially important now, since I’m headed to kosher-land for three months. Shellfish and bacon will be a thing of the past (till July, anyway).

Have a great one!


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