At long last

Here it is: my apartment tour post. I tried to clean for you all, but my sister stayed over last night and all of a sudden everything is messy again.

I currently live in King Farm community in Rockville, MD. It’s a nice place, with treelined streets and parks scattered throughout. Funny, but I think the aspects that attracted me to King Farm are the same that attracted the young families that make up most of the community.

Anyways, I’m very lucky to live where I do!


The family room, reading corner, etc. My rug (which I found at Goodwill!) is perfect for the weekly backgammon tournament that I play with David.


This kitchen table is probably my favorite thing in my whole apartment. My parents have had it for something like 20 years. According to my mom, it’s the first “real furniture” that my parents bought together, and I love that it’s made its way to me. The print above the table is from an old Psychology journal cover that David gave me for my birthday last year. The smaller prints to the right are from a series my younger brother made in art class.


My little kitchen! I had to angle the camera so that you can’t see that my sink is still full of dirty dishes from last night. I’m proud of my magnet collection, especially the Davidson magnet.


My bedroom is nice and cozy, especially now that I have these great curtains to block some of the sounds of the highway outside.


One of my other favorite things in my apartment: this small carpet my grandparents brought back from Turkey twenty years ago. They recently moved into a smaller house and couldn’t find a spot for it, so they sent it to me.

Well, that’s the gist of it. Happy Friday, world!


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